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It is important to hire a company who understands the different rules, regulations and bylaws for the different bedroom communities of Calgary and a company that has the ability to offer superior service without compromise.  At Modern Property Management, you will join a long list of clients we already serve in Okotoks!

We’re not your average property management company in Okotoks.

At Modern Property Management, we manage all types of residential real estate in Okotoks.  The challenge many property owners in Okotoks have is that they hire a company who specializes in Calgary and when a tenant inquiry comes in, the showing agent will often wait for multiple inquiries to  make the trip “more worthwhile”.  Tenants do not wait and there is a good chance you are missing out on quality tenants by not showing them at their requested time.  At Modern Property Management, our showing agents are incentivized through competition with each other to show your property as soon as possible.  

How Is Modern Property Management Different?

Why should you have to pay a fee before we have done what you hired us to do?  There are no sign up fees at Modern Property Management.

Honestly, vacant properties are easier to rent than trying to coordinate with an owner or tenant.  Why some companies charge such a fee is beyond us.  Just make sure your insurance company knows the property is vacant and let us take care of the rest!

We do not charge for professional photos and marketing.  This is all included in the services of working with Modern Property Management.

There is no charge for property inspections or check ins.  While some property management companies will drive by the property and somehow determine that everything is ok, our mid lease property check ins involve going into the property and having a thorough look around while taking photos/video.  

While some management companies add a “coordination fee” to maintenance, we do not charge anything above the actual cost.  After all, isn’t this what the actual management fee should be for?

If a tenant wishes to renew their lease, this is a win, win, win for the tenant, owner and management company.  Why there should be a fee to the most simple outcome is beyond us.

Never worry about unexpected charges for repairs.  We will always try to reach the owner when a maintenance request has come in to get approval for the repair.  Only in the event of an emergency & when we are unable to reach you would we make a decision on your behalf.

Our 4 step approval process ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.  Step 1 is for the tenant to fill out their application and provide us with the requested information.  Step 2 is where we will verify employment, income, prior landlords, credit, all occupants of the property, + more.  Step 3 is an additional review by another member of our team to make sure nothing has been missed.  Finally, step 4 is when we contact you to make sure you are comfortable with the tenant we have selected.

At Green Residential, our administrative team monitors a 24-hour support line during non-business hours to ensure that tenant emergencies are responded to promptly. We provide excellent customer service to our tenants to make sure your property is protected and cared for.

You will have access to the cell phone numbers of our team.  Forget calling into a call center and speaking to a 3rd party company.  While our office staff works Mon-Fri, 9-5, our management team and showing agents are working 7 days a week and available to assist you if need be!

Professional presentation of your property is a must!  We have an exclusive photographer as part of our team who is dedicated to making your property stand above the competition and this is included with all of our properties!

Let’s be honest…the traditional checklist is not a true move-in/out inspection and leaves far too much up for debate should a security deposit deduction need to be made.  This leads to additional wear and tear on your property and costs you money.  We use an elite level software to take countless photos and videos of every corner of your property.  By documenting your entire property and not just areas of concern, we always have a reference point to dispute the “that was already there” comment.

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Modern Property Management's No Fee Guarantees

No Sign Up Fee

We will spend the time and capital needed to find a tenant before it costs you anything. This includes photographs, showings, tenant screening, etc. Only once you receive rental income do we deduct our management fee.

No Hidden Fees

There is no admin or accounting fee, advertising fee, maintenance mark-up, after hours fee, inspection fee, etc. When we say "no fees", we truly mean it. As property investors ourselves, we understand the importance to consistent and transparent income/expenses.

No Renewal Fees

A quality tenant who wishes to renew their lease is the ultimate win-win situation for the owner, property manager and tenant. Charging a fee to renew is ridiculous in our opinion.