Tenant Screening

Feel Secure With Diligent Screening Reviewed By At Least 3 Team Members

Every tenant approval goes through at least 3 members of the Modern Property Management team.  This helps to mitigate the risk of placing a potential problem tenant in your property.  By conducting detailed checks on all applicants, we increase the chances of a successful lease period!

What Do We Check?

For every new applicant, we will call their employer + review pay stubs or a employment letter.  We contact their prior landlord where in many cases, it is a management company we already have a relationship with.  We will verify the tenants ID, credit score and pay a third party company for a more detailed “credit health” report.  All of this in addition to the detailed application form we require to be filled out that helps us answer many questions about the tenant.  There is no straight forward yes or no to approving a tenant as every tenant presents a unique situation.  We understand that self employed individuals may not have a letter of employment or someone that is new to Canada may not have a prior landlord reference.

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