The Early Days For
Modern Property Management

Travis Munroe has been licensed in real estate for 14+ years.  Having spent much of this time operating his own residential sales company, he constantly had clients looking for property management services.  Travis received the same feedback when asking his clients about the experience and knew that there must be a better way to help landlords with their rental properties.  A couple of the most common pieces of feedback were:

1). Service was lacking as everything was handled by a single property manager and if that property manager was busy, it could take days, even weeks before a response was received.

2). It was impossible to budget and project monthly cash flow as it seemed a new fee would show up when least expected.  Whether it was a sign up fee before any work was completed, monthly admin fees or mark up on maintenance, the unknowns left a uncomfortable feeling.


With all of this in mind, Travis built Modern Property Management in reverse as if he were the landlord and took the feedback from each one of his clients to design a pretty awesome business model.  Just a few of the many aspects that makes Modern Property Management so unique:

1).  Every member of our team is going to have their hands on your property and at no extra cost to you.  This creates nothing but an advantage for you as the landlord.  Whether you are looking for an answer to a question and now have access to a full team who knows your property or if you have concerns about a single person deciding on a tenant for your property, you can rest easy knowing that at least 3 members of our team review tenants before giving the final stamp of approval.  

2). Projecting monthly cash flow has never been easier.  Modern Property Management charges a single flat fee each month which is a percentage of the monthly rental amount.  Forget about paying a sign-up fee before any work has been completed.  We will spend the time and money needed to find you a tenant before you pay a single dollar!

One of the most overlooked aspects of Modern Property Management is the mutual benefit to a win-win situation we strive to have with our landlord clients.  

Most management companies are going to charge you if they need to evict a tenant.  We stand behind the tenants we select.  In the very rare occurrence we need to evict a tenant, we will spend the time and money needed to file a claim, serve the tenant, attend the hearing, receive a judgement and act on the judgement.  By offering all of this at no charge to our clients, you can be confident that we are not placing just any tenant in your property.

We also believe that the ultimate win-win situation is when a great tenant wants to renew their lease.  While other companies are going to charge a renewal fee, we will gladly get the paperwork done and extend the lease with no added cost to you.  A great tenant is less work for us & less risk for you so why a management company would charge you to extend their lease is beyond us!

Creating a Win-Win Situation For Our Clients!!!

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