Maintenance & Inspection

Rest Easy Knowing Modern Property Management Puts Maintenance & Inspections At The Forefront

We guarantee a minimum of 3 inspections for each lease period.  With our combined experience, we know what tends to go wrong and can make suggestions on preventative maintenance.  We value personal connections with our clients however we also utilize technology to ensure our office team and inspection team can work hand in hand to ensure no property sits in need of repair or inspection.

Do You Require One Time Maintenance or Inspection?

Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can assist you with a 1 time check in on the property and provide you with as detailed of a inspection report as you require.

What Makes Modern Property Managements Inspections So Great?

Our inspection software is in the cloud.  This enables our entire team to access your inspection report regardless of being in front of our computer or not.  This is especially convenient when in the middle of a move out inspection and we need to verify something that a tenant claims to be existing damage.

While many management companies still use nothing more than a paper checklist, we add in the element of photos and video.  Video is great at documenting a large space or entire room to show the general condition and cleanliness.  Photos are key to more detailed areas and are the single greatest piece of evidence we can provide the courts in the event of a dispute. 

Most property management companies will only document what is seen as a concern.  The problem with this is that when the lease expires, how do you avoid a tenant arguing about the cleanliness of the property when they moved in?  Our reports help cover more angles of your home to avoid any such debate.

At Modern Property Management, we have our own exclusive handyman who is ready on a moments notice to tend to your needs.  Time is of the essence and if our inspection picks up a number of minor concerns, we strongly suggest getting them addressed before the problem gets worse.

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