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Evicting a tenant is the last resort and often a uncomfortable situation for all parties involved.  We understand that situations can come up and it is important we walk the line between having compassion without risking any of your rental income.  Should a tenant need to be evicted for unpaid rent or damages caused to your property, we have a zero tolerance policy for excuses.  An application with the courts is typically filed within 24 hours to set a court date and if the tenant cooperates, we can cancel the application.  Everything from filing for the court date to serving papers, attending the hearing and following up on the courts decision is included at no extra charge with our management services.   

One Time Eviction Services

If you are managing your own property and are looking for experience to assist you with an eviction, we are ready to help.  The first step is to hear the concerns you have and advise you whether we believe you have the right to evict your tenant.  If so, we can take over the entire eviction process up until a court judgement is received.  At this point, we can share with you your options when it comes to hiring a bailiff, garnishing wages and opening the file with collections agencies.

Disclosure: We are licensed property managers with experience in evictions and mediation.  We are NOT legal council.

Included In Eviction Services

The tenant must be informed that we are asking for them to vacate along with a reason and how, if possible, they can avoid further action.

We will file all of the necessary paperwork with the courts including evidence.  Once completed, a court date is set and we will serve the tenant accordingly.

We will attend the scheduled court hearing as your agent.  Our experience allows us to focus on what is important to the hearing officer.

After receiving a judgement, we will file it with the courts and follow up on the necessary checks to verify compliance.

If the tenant has not complied with the judgement then it can be necessary to take additional steps.  We can guide you to the proper channels should you wish to take further action.  This can include bailiff services, wage garnishment and collections agencies.

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